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Jamie Oller is a Licensed Massage Therapist and has been practicing for 12 years. She’s studied a variety of techniques including organ massage, craniosacral, deep tissue and infant massage. This allows her to custom each session to each person specific needs and ailments


Contact Jamie to book your appointment 

Prenatal Massage

60 min and 90 min sessions

 Massage during pregnancy can be helpful for chronic issues such as hip/lower back, round ligament and rib pain, as well as sleep issues.  Using side lying, pillows and specific techniques safe for pregnancy, this is an excellent option to help with pain coping in pregnancy to send you into labor in the best shape possible.​​

Infant Craniosacral

60 min and 90 min sessions

Craniosacral therapy works with the pulse of the cerebral spinal fluid to help release tension along the spinal cord. Babies respond quickly to this type of work because their bodies are prone to healing and aligning. CST can be a gentle way to help babies release tension or restriction caused by malposition in the womb or the intensity of birth. Proper alignment can help babies nurse, sleep and poop better


Massage for Craniosacral and sleep issues

60 min and 90 min sessions

Connecting into the physical body with touch has been proven over and over to help move trauma through the body. Focused on helping the recipient reconnect to their body to move through dysphoria, depression, PTSD, anxiety and dissociation. By stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, massage can help the brain reorganize and combat sleep issues such as restless sleep and insomnia.
These sessions are recommended to be shorter and more often.


Therapeutic Massage

60 min 90 min and 120 min session

This session is designed for those with chronic pain, injury, or specific recovery. Chose a shorter session for acute and focused work, longer to include full body and relaxation for a more robust treatment.


Pediatric massage

45 min and 60 min sessions

 This is for children aged 6 months-16 years of age. Parents are in the room with their child the entire time and we use a variety of techniques to work on issues such as growing pains, sports injury, brain development, touch/sensory integration/tolerance and bonding. Type and style of massage depends on the child’s age, comfort level, parent involvement and reason for treatment. Also specializing in children with chronic illness, developmental and cognitive differences, premature birth, etc. Call if interested in booking an in home session if needed.

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