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Preconception Counseling and IUI Support

Preparing to get pregnant can sometimes seem more confusing than pregnancy itself. In a time when we’re told to worry about our micronutrients, our pelvic floors and microplastics our preconception counseling is here to help wade through information and help you feel prepared to take the next step. 


Preconception Counseling

Intrauterine Insemination

Midwifery Model of care is ideal for the entire childbearing year, which to us includes conception planning. Our practice provides information on fertility support of both partners as well sperm washing for those who desire it.

  • One 90 min office visit

  • Three months of follow up care via email

  • Order of any labs deemed necessary, including genetic screening  

Intrauterine Insemination is a way to get pregnant for people who lack sperm. All clients seeking this service are required to first meet with us in a preconception visit so that we can create a plan tailored to your specific needs.

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