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Midwifery Care

Serving the Northern Oregon Coast from Tillamook to Astoria
Serving the Portland Metro Area,

We Accept the Oregon Health Plan


Parenthood is a lifelong journey  


Harbor Midwifery is a practice that honors all the ways families grow. We know that having a baby on the way changes the relationships among all the people who are welcoming them. Every baby is a new experience and our care is tailored to every client, every baby, every pregnancy.  We offer hour-long appointments to answer questions, provide education and discuss all of your options, choices and paths to parenthood. We find great joy and satisfaction in helping you understand the physical, emotional and logistical changes that happen in the childbearing year- not only for the person carrying a baby but for the entire family (including your pets!) Our goal is to meet you where you are and help usher you to parenthood on your own terms. 


Whitney and Jamie believe that every person has the right to unbiased information to make the right choice for themselves and their children. Pregnancy does not mean an end to bodily autonomy, and that home birth is a safe a viable option for those who want it. We value the connections we build with our clients through education, laughter and compassion. Our goal is to support every family to ensure a smooth transition into this new chapter! Find out how we can support you by emailing us here


Home birth and

Placental Encapsulation

Now Offering Childbirth Education Classes 
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